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Financing from $5,000 - $150,000 single application. Get up to $5,000,000 with financial package.

SLS has been in commercial lending since 1986. They are headquartered, in Kansas City, Missouri and Sioux Falls South Dakota. Funding is available from software packages all the way up to office remodeling and new equipment.

The turn around time for most decisions is within the same day and for larger packages, within 48 yours. If you need to replace broken equipment, a short turn around is helpful.

SLS offers risk based rates & will also underwrite more challenging business lending opportunities when the need arises, based on an easy to understand & classic approach to lending. They also work with several banks simultaneously to give the borrower the best advantage to get the funds they need at reasonable rates.

Transaction sizes are above $5,000 for A, B, & C credits. Startup / new in business funding is available here as well.

Doctors Finance Corporation Inc. thinks that SLS brings a great blend of products, rates, and entrepreneurial spirit to the market. Knowing how lenders approach these lending issues is very important to borrowers. It is the diversify of sources of funding and not putting all eggs in the one basket of any lender. Providers might use one bank for working capital, another bank for real estate and another specialist lender for your equipment needs. But even within the equipment category, some businesses need such a volume of revenue producing equipment that diversifying a few sources even among the equipment lenders is important. Planning this diversification strategy can avoid times of capital constraint in economic uncertainty or “capping out” with an exposure limit.

Another option would be to work with a capital provider that offers multiple finance programs for commercial equipment. These lenders may have their own portfolio money, unique partnerships with funding sources and access to other specialty providers all in one phone call. A strong, experienced lender can help you with diversification and managing exposure without having to manage multiple relationships.

SLS can help you manage diversification and exposure for your business. With access to a wide variety of programs, SLS seasoned experts can help plan for this strategy with competitive offerings while saving Providers a great deal of time and effort. If you require funding, apply here.

Is it time to add an operatory or buy a panoramic x-ray. Expanding by constructing a satellite office or setting up a DSO? Need to modernize? We are there to help you get to your goals.

Dental practices experience tax benefits when they lease their equipment. There are government sanctioned programs that help small businesses to maintain a steady flow, keeping the economy moving. Speak to your financial advisor about a 179 tax savings.

Financing for dental equipment includes everything from the delivery and the installation to the training and tax. Purchase of a franchise or DSO.

There are some major benefits of choosing to lease your equipment and tools with financing through Doctors Finance Corporation Inc. We want to see your practice succeed. When change happens in the dental industry, you will be met by individuals who are happy to assist you in making your practice better. We are driven by your strategy, brand, growth, and focus, and join with you to make your office a comfortable place for every patient and employee. To find funding, apply here.

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We can finance your operation from start up capital, to construction, to equipment and even supplies.

The turn around time for most decisions
is within the same day and for larger
packages, within 48 yours.

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