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Financing your Patients
Braces. Invisalign. Dental Implants. Crowns. Veneers.

You can use our site to arrange for financing for your patients. Finance cases from $500 to $32,000 within minutes. Improve acceptance of your treatment plans by up to 100%.

Success in practice is based on cash flow. The more that you generate, the more successful you will be. Assuming your treatment plans are accurate and take into consideration the patient’s health and well being, the largest Impediment to case acceptance is cost of service. Click the link below and offer your patients the opportunity for them to improve their health well within their budget. Dental health care is a tax-deductible expense. Even better.

The best time to close a case is immediately after you present it. Often, the issue to closing and not closing is related to finances. By applying here you can give your patients several affordable options and allow them to start today. Apply here to begin the process of becoming a provider who can offer the financing that your patients need. Apply to become more successful and to allow your patients to get the care they need instead of putting it off.

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