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Funding. $5,000 - $250,000. Equipment funding with approvals in as little as 2 hours.

When your practice needs any type of equipment, we’re happy to provide you with a no hassle
equipment lease or equipment financing agreement. Plus, we do it with minimal paperwork, and fast approvals (just one quick and easy application up to $250k - leave your tax returns and financial statements at home.)

Up to 100% financing and same day approvals. Finance software only or software and hardware.
Get approved within hours. No paperwork. Just an online application here.

An easier application. Financial statements not required.

If you are financing less than $250,000, then you qualify for a simple "Application-Only" approval process.
The approval time is fast (in fact, in most cases, it's "same day approval").

Leave these items out of the application process.

• Tax Returns
• Financial Statements
• Account Balances
• Balance Sheets

Select the equipment you need from the vendor.
Complete the easy application.
Receive a credit decision from Crest within four hours (in most cases).
Upon approval, Fax or e-mail, the seller's invoice. Doctors Finance Corporation Inc., will tell you where to send it.
Crest will then send you the finance agreement.
Simply review, sign and return.
This can all be done same day.
Crest will fund, and your contract will be delivered.
Crest pays the seller (including tax, delivery, setup, etc.)
Enjoy your new equipment, and put it to profitable use!
It's that easy! Apply now and get approved today.

Is it time to add an operatory or buy a panoramic x-ray. Expanding by constructing a satellite office or setting up a DSO? Need to modernize? We are there to help you get to your goals.

Dental practices experience tax benefits when they lease their equipment. There are government sanctioned programs that help small businesses to maintain a steady flow, keeping the economy moving. Speak to your financial advisor about a 179 tax savings.

Financing for dental equipment includes everything from the delivery and the installation to the training and tax. Purchase of a franchise or DSO.

There are some major benefits of choosing to lease your equipment and tools with financing through Doctors Finance Corporation Inc. We want to see your practice succeed. When change happens in the dental industry, you will be met by individuals who are happy to assist you in making your practice better. We are driven by your strategy, brand, growth, and focus, and join with you to make your office a comfortable place for every patient and employee. To find funding, apply here.

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Grow Your Business!

We can finance your operation from start up capital, to construction, to equipment and even supplies.

Easy application process. Qualify for The Section
179 Tax Deduction.

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