Welcome to the Doctors Finance Corporation.

12 Marble Avenue
Thornwood, NY 10594

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About Us

Our company was established by providers for the benefit of providers. We have been in healthcare for over 40 years with the experience of starting, establishing, marketing and maintaining healthcare practices over many years. We are in the unique position of understanding what providers need, as the market, politics, and economics change.

Our company has had the experience of planning, financing, building and equipping single practices, satellite practices and in developing a nationwide DSO of over 100 facilities. We have been where you are and know what you will need to be successful.


Company Mission

It is our goal to help providers move from science to business and to understand the business they are in. It is also our mission to help doctors to create the professional and financial goals they have established in order to assist them to achieve the peace and security they seek for themselves and their families.